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We offer you unique solutions to be implemented so that you can regain a perfect vital balance. This vital hygiene programme will include advice on a healthy diet, physical exercises, relaxation exercises and, if necessary, plants and essential oils, food supplements, manual techniques.



We repair your pain using the different body parts or physiological functions that correspond to an area or point on the hands, feet or ears. A specific touch on these areas thus makes it possible to locate and dissipate tensions in order to restore the body's balance.



Do you suffer from insomnia, anxiety, autoimmune disease, cancer, etc.? Phytotherapy will perfectly complement your medical follow-up.
This alternative medicine helps your healing thanks to the understanding of your physiological functioning and by the use of specific plants adapted to your problem.


Our Naturopathic care institute in Brighton

Naturopathy is in fact a term that groups together a very large number of care techniques whose common objective is to restore the global balance in the human being in relation to the balance of the planet.

The Naturopath does not heal, he accompanies the people who choose to use his services, so that they can revive their self-healing potential.

The origins of Naturopathy
The philosophical origins of Naturopathy date back to the 19th century and are essentially European.

In it, he describes the Naturopathic cure programme in three main stages:

-elimination of bad habits,
-corrective measures,
-new principles of life

During the first appointment, the Naturopathic doctor carries out a vitality assessment: he listens attentively to his client and uses his sense of observation and intuition to better understand the client’s problems.

The Naturopath then sets up a personalized lifestyle programme that will allow the client to find a global balance at his own pace.

Among the basic measures taken by the Naturopathic doctor, we find the following:

-Adaptation of the diet with or without food supplements and implementation of specific cures,
-Relaxation exercises and physical exercises to improve stress management, restore emotional balance, restore body flexibility,
-massage sessions, energetic treatments.

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