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Moonstone is a gemstone that produces a soft glow of light on its surface. This gemstone got its name as a result of the light it produces, which has the shape of a moon. Even though moonstones are popular, below are five amazing facts you didn’t know about them. 

Healing Properties

Moonstones are popular for the healing properties they possess. During the formation process of these gems, each of them possesses a unique vibrational frequency, which is responsible for the healing characteristics they have. To unlock the healing properties of Moonstones, you have to place them under your mattress or pillow. When you do that, you get to enjoy calmness, creativity, emotional balance, relaxation, and confidence, which are some of the healing characteristics of these gemstones.

Ancient Tools

During ancient times, Moonstones were believed to give whoever wears them the ability to tell events that will occur in the future. It is said that if you place a moonstone in your mouth during a full moon, you will be able to see what the future holds for you. This is because of the relationship between the gravitational pull of the moon and your moonstone.

Besides allowing you to predict the future, moonstones are also producers of good fortune. According to the ancient Greeks and Romans, pieces of the moon are contained in moonstones. This means owning a moonstone won’t only revitalize you but will transform your life too.

Available from Everywhere

Another interesting fact about moonstones is that you can’t get all of them from the same place. Moonstones have been found in Germany, India, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Switzerland, Madagascar, Brazil, and Australia. However, while the colorful moonstones can be found in India, the remaining countries can only boast of the white ones. It will interest you to know that the popular blue moonstone is mined in a city in the heart of India.

Believed to Possess Mystical Powers

A crystal healing method is a form of traditional medicine where gems are used to heal the sick. Interestingly, this practice is common in India and the Moonstone is one of such gems used. In addition to prescribing herbs, diets, and exercises to help with your illness, the practitioner will recommend moonstones too. In some cases, the practitioner will ask you to wear a piece of jewelry made from Moonstones.

Possess Adularescence Qualities

If you rotate a moonstone around a source of light, a blue light will appear immediately. Interestingly, a light will linger on the surface of the moonstone if you continue to rotate it. This is one of the fascinating facts about moonstones and it is referred to as Adularescence. 


Besides being significant, moonstones are available in a variety of colors. If you are lucky, you will find one that exhibits different colors of light. Want you to have your moonstone? You can start by purchasing a moonstone necklace and earrings today. Finally, moonstone earrings is the best you can offer a loved one anytime. 

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