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The more we are stressed, the more Mg we need and the more we eliminate it. So the less we have. And who is not stressed today?

Only, there are many products on the market that contain Mg. And there is really quality and quality. So be careful what you take because if the Mg is of poor quality or very little bioavailable (i.e. a very small amount is taken in), it can have deleterious effects on health.

Different forms of magnesium: not the same bioavailability
So there are different forms: oxides, lactates, citrates, chlorides, bisglycinates, and many others. The most common but also the least interesting are chloride and lactate. Magnesium chloride is very poorly bioavailable and leads to significant digestive disorders and a powerful laxative effect. It is also very acidifying and therefore not ideal for a Mg refill. Mg lactate is also to be avoided as it can lead to the sensation of aches and pains.

Other forms: citrate. Its bioavailability is interesting. It is relatively well tolerated at the digestive level. It is alkaline, which is interesting for the people who have articular pains. Mg bisglycinate is associated with an amino acid. It enters the cell quite easily and is often associated with taurine and vitamin B6 (which increases the absorption of Mg).

Beware of excipients!

At least 300 mg of Mg is required for an adult per day. Also be careful when returning labels to excipients: lactose or titanium dioxide for example.
Therefore, a magnesium refill is very important. To be done regularly if you are stressed or need it. But pay attention to the quality!

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