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You are planning a visit to a Naturopathic doctor and you do not know who to talk to, here are a few tips to help you choose your Naturopathic doctor.

An intimate approach

Your approach is intimate, so it is important that you ask yourself several questions before consulting a Naturopathic doctor:

  • Do you know what Naturopathy consists of?
  • What do you expect from a Naturopathic doctor
  • Are you ready to change your lifestyle and listen to the advice of your Naturopathic doctor?
  • Would you rather consult a woman or a man

A demanding job

Your Naturopath must have followed a serious and certifying training validated by a certificate, so look for the certificate of your future Naturopath. Ask also about the school where your Naturopath comes from, some are more serious than others, the teachers or naturopathic currents are therefore important to know, they will allow you to refine your choice.

The profession of Naturopathic doctor cannot be improvised.

In many countries, there is no state-recognized training or diploma, as is the case in Germany, for example. It is therefore important to find out about the level and content of the training of the Naturopathic doctor you are planning to consult. You will find a lot of information on the internet, consult it, it will help you to see more clearly.

Finally, a Naturopath should try to widen his knowledge, try to know if, after obtaining his diploma, he continued to follow trainings, seminars, internships, you will thus know his level of competence and the passion he devotes to his profession.

Naturopathic practices

First of all, remember that a Naturopathic doctor is not a diagnostician and is not a doctor, but a specialist in health and wellness practices. Based on the principle of the vital energy of the organism, Naturopathy gathers the practices stemming from the Western tradition and sometimes also from the East or Far East.

An effective Naturopathic doctor masters several natural means that allow him to act on the physical as well as the psycho-emotional levels, including food adjustments, stress management, phytotherapy (the use of herbal preparations), gemmotherapy (the use of preparations based on plant buds), oligotherapy, aromatherapy, the practice of food supplements, etc.

If he is specialized in iridology or kinesiology, he will be able to determine more precisely your needs to strengthen and rebalance your terrain.

Finally, your Naturopath will be able to advise you to consult different health practitioners: osteopaths, reflexologists, psychotherapists…

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